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Top five beauty secrets from Glamour's international fashion experts

by timetospa August 16, 2011
Top five beauty secrets from Glamour's international fashion experts

Beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes and is found in numerous locations. Here's what Glamour experts found when they circled the globe for the best-kept beauty secrets:

1. Flawless foundation every time. Afghan-born Matin Maulawizada said that her grandmother taught her the secret for perfect coverage every time. Just mix a dab of foundation into a jar of your favorite quality moisturizing cream.

2. The secret to hassle-free dramatic eyes. Maulawizada also shared the secret behind Afghani women's alluring eyes: a rim of kohl around the edges, and nothing else.

3. Five minute facials. European women have been performing DIY skincare forever. They've learned that a light coat of plain Greek yogurt makes an excellent facial mask, and a pretty good toner and moisturizer, too.

4. Instantly strong nails. Tata Harper, a beauty expert from Colombia, swears that the secret to strong nails is to add a clove of garlic to the bottle of your base coat polish.

5. Massage your hair. Indian women know the secret of long, lustrous hair. One expert told Glamour that the secret to strong strands is to give your hair a hot oil massage at least once a week, using either almond, coconut or olive oil. Want longer locks? Try deep conditioning with coconut milk on a weekly basis. Saturate your hair and leave it in for a full hour.


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