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Are your dimples aging you prematurely?

by timetospa August 17, 2011
Are your dimples aging you prematurely?

Many people attribute the occurrence of cellulite with aging. While this condition often increases as you get older, there's no reason you have to endure it.

Most doctors agree that cellulite is caused by reduced elasticity in the skin, but it's not necessarily your age that determines their development. According to Dr. Russell J. Martino, "Cellulite can occur earlier than age 25, later than age 35 or not at all."

It seems it has more to do with the fat cells in the affected areas weakening, which causes them to sag. In order to prevent the sagging, you need structurally sound cellular walls.

How can you achieve this? In most cases, a healthy diet and regular exercise routine that focuses on areas prone to cellulite, such as the glutes, can help you stave it off. If you're already affected, it may be time to find a product with a track record of managing the blemish.

If you want to speed up your cellulite reduction, use a high-quality compound, such as Elemis Body Sculpting Firming Cream, which can help reduce the appearance as it firms and tones your skin.

Don't settle for cellulite as an inevitable sign of aging! Take action to keep your body as beautiful as can be by practicing healthy habits and good body skincare.


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