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Make deep cleansing a part of your beauty skincare regimen

by timetospa August 17, 2011
Make deep cleansing a part of your beauty skincare regimen

There are three cornerstones to any daily skincare routine - cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But what would the other two be without the first? The difference an excellent cleanser can make to your radiant skin can hardly be underemphasized.

The hallmark of a great cleanser is the ability to get deep down into your pores without stripping your skin of the valuable oils and lipids it needs to stay healthy and luminous. For this, ladies should look to La Thérapie Émulsion Purifiante Toutes Peaux - Gentle Wash Off Cleanser for all skins. The soft, creamy cleanser contains porphyridium, tensami proteins and amino acids to provide you with the best in pH-balancing and deep-cleansing prowess.

To get the most out of any cleansing product, it's important to devote a bit of time to this process. The more you massage the product onto your skin, the more dirt it collects, leaving you with a beautiful, glowing complexion.


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