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Enjoy the last rays of summer with a healthy picnic

by timetospa August 18, 2011
Enjoy the last rays of summer with a healthy picnic

As the summer season winds down to a close, you're probably doing all you can to get out there and soak up the last of the sun's warm rays. Why not spend an afternoon enjoying a wholesome picnic with someone you love?

Friends, family and that special someone will all love a chance to spend some quality time together, especially if you provide these healthy (and tasty!) alternatives to some common picnic favorites:

1.What is more of a picnic staple than old fashioned potato salad? Even though it's yummy, this carb-laden classic is stuffed with sugars and fats. Instead, try a creative twist on this dish by using diced cauliflower in place of potatoes, and opting for a low-fat mayonnaise.

2. Sandwiches make great picnic fare - they're easy to make, don't require any flatware and they're deliciously satisfying. Instead of piling on the deli meats, place a lean piece of salmon in that sandwich!

3. Treat your sweet tooth with a savory slice of homemade zucchini bread in lieu of more traditional (and more fattening desserts). Need a little extra? Try adding a modest amount of chocolate chips to the batter.

Picnics are a great way to enjoy the remainder of the season. Prepare a basket this weekend and bring along someone you can't live without.


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