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Feel free to enjoy a burger...without the extra side of guilt!

by timetospa August 24, 2011
Feel free to enjoy a burger...without the extra side of guilt!

All-American girls love a good hamburger, but in today's carb-and-fats-obsessed world, it can often seem unwise to indulge. If you want to enjoy a good burger without feeling any of the dieter's guilt that often comes along with it, try these fun and tasty variations on an old classic.

1. Mediterranean turkey burger with capers. Turkey has much less fat than traditional beef, and artisan bread, such as ciabatta, is a great way to make any burger instantly gourmet. To add a little Mediterranean flare, top it off with fresh onions and capers. Capers provide a uniquely salty and fresh flavor, and contain loads of antioxidants.

2. Peppery crab cake burgers. Seafood such as crab is a low-fat alternative to regular beef. Use panko crums for the caking to keep the calorie count low, and add a little red or black pepper to kickstart your metabolism while you indulge.

3. Beef, watercress and roquefort burger. If you can't get by without the beef, try this upscale version of the classic cheeseburger. Just be sure to use lean ground beef instead of the regular stuff.


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