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Tips for achieving the purrr-fect cat eyes

by timetospa August 26, 2011
Tips for achieving the purrr-fect cat eyes

If you love that sultry cat-eye look, but can't seem to figure out how those makeup professionals get it done, don't despair. Even the most amateur artist can achieve this classic and edgy look.

The trick to perfecting cat eyes is to avoid being too heavy-handed, otherwise you may end up looking like you have two black eyes.

Follow these simple tips from Allure Magazine to get those gloriously sexy cat eyes:

1. Apply the eye shadow over your entire lid, all the way up to the brow bone and even in the corners. Trace a small amount below your eye as well, close to the lid. Don't worry about getting too sloppy - you'll have the opportunity to clean it up later.

2. Using either liquid liner or a pencil, draw a thin line around your eye's edges.

3. Emphasize the inner corners by adding a touch of a lighter, slightly luminescent shadow.

4. Use a Q-tip dabbed in makeup remover to add the final touch by brushing it across any excess shadow. That way, you can achieve exactly the shape you're looking for.


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