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Tips for correcting sun-damaged hair

by timetospa August 26, 2011
Tips for correcting sun-damaged hair

It happens to every woman at least once in her lifetime: you've spent the summer glorying in the warm sun and now have dry and damaged hair to deal with. While it may seem like a hopeless situation, there are a few things you can do to bring your lackluster locks back to life.

Here are a few tips from Glamour and Allure Magazine beauty experts.

1. Trim it: Sorry, there's no cure for split ends due to summer dryness. See your regular stylist for an end-of-season cut.

2. Hot oil treatment: Treat your hair to a little tender-love-and-care by slicking it down with a lavish hot oil treatment. There are many professional-grade hair care products available on the market, but plain old olive oil will work in a pinch.

3. Ease up on the products: While hair products can help you achieve those great styles, they can also be quite damaging to your hair. Skip the sprays and other styling products for a little while - but do feel free to indulge in a little deep conditioning action. 


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