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New ways to dress up old hair styles

by timetospa August 29, 2011
New ways to dress up old hair styles

It's easy to get bored when you're stuck with the same old look day after day. If you're racking your brain each morning to come up with a stunning new style, try one of these twists on old classics from Glamour Magazine.

1. Give some dimension to that plain old pony tail by slicking the sides back and teasing the top. The juxtaposition of added volume and sleekness is sure to make a statement.

2. Add some bling to that braid. One new trend that's making headway is hair braided with silver and gold ribbons. You can even dial up the glam factor by turning your braid into a twist. And if you're not the type to go for metallics, you can still rock this look using neutral colors that go with the season.

3. Try mermaid waves. If you like to add hints of curls or waves to your locks, try going a little further by creating a mermaid 'do. The tight little wavelets can be secured with a triple-barrel curling iron.


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