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What to do when you've done the worst to your brows

by timetospa August 29, 2011
What to do when you've done the worst to your brows

It happens to almost everyone at some point - you get a little too carried away when tweezing or waxing your brows and - whoops! - you suddenly find yourself with unnaturally thin arches. Instead of panicking and calling in sick for work until they grow back, follow the advice of Cosmopolitan Magazine beauty experts and get those brows back in shape!

1. Fill in the blanks. Choose an eye pencil that matches your brow color exactly, and go to work filling in your entire eyebrow. You need to address the entire area (and not just the bald spots) in order to pull off a natural-looking brow.

2. Put your fixes in place. In order to camouflage the really bare areas, you'll need to layer a second coating with your pencil.

3. "Feather" the brows to finish them off. Take a clean mascara brush or toothbrush and comb out your brows to blend them and ensure a natural look.

When you're executing an eyebrow fix, it's better to go lighter than to be too heavy-handed. Remember, you can always add more, but once you've gone too far you may need to wipe off the whole thing and start again.


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