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What should your work wardrobe look like?

by timetospa August 30, 2011
What should your work wardrobe look like?

Have you ever fallen in love with an outfit, but were unsure whether or not it would be a good investment? Some clothes just aren't appropriate for all occasions, especially in the office. If you're having trouble deciding which items you should ditch and which you simply must have, Bing fashion expert Shannon McCarthy shares her knowledge on what makes the cut at the office this fall and winter season.

When it comes to tops, clean lines and comfort make for the best selections. Button-down blouses and fitted sweaters are best, although it's okay to throw a print in there as long as you can tone it down with a solid bottom piece or belt.

Pants should be tailored and professional-looking. Select quality fabrics like cotton or wool so you're sure to get enough use out of them, as cheaper fabrics aren't likely to make it through the season.

Skirts should also be tailored and shouldn't be cut too short. Two to three inches above the knee is best, and anything above mid-thigh is definitely not appropriate.

Investing in one or two high-end outfits is a good idea for those days when you need to wow your superiors. They're also good to have on hand for interviews and business meetings.


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