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Hair experts agree - the bob is back!

by timetospa August 31, 2011
Hair experts agree - the bob is back!

The bob has been around as a style for just over a century. From its initial launch in the early 1920s, when famous actresses like Clara Bow and Joan Crawford donned the style, to the 1960's revival brought on by Vidal Sassoon, the bob has been a controversial cut. However, this ambivalence may actually be what makes the style so chic - after all, fashion is all about risk.

Today, the bob is experiencing a second revival, and fashionistas from Hollywood sweetheart Jennifer Aniston to pop star Rhianna have helped make the style big again.

If you're looking to rock the bob, here are a few tips from Glamour Magazine to help you make the most of this sexy style:

1. Consider your face: If you have a round face, sport a bob that falls below your chin. Ovular faces can pull off shorter bobs in addition to those that fall just above the shoulders.

2. Don't feel trapped: Contrary to popular belief, a bob can be very versatile. Use hair products to give your tresses a little texture, or even consider curls and waves.

3. Use it to your advantage: If you've got long hair that suffers from damage and split ends, get your locks back in shape with a bob cut.


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