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Keeping up with Kim

by timetospa September 1, 2011
Keeping up with Kim

Kim Kardashian is one of today's top style icons. Not only is she gorgeous, but she always seems to know exactly which looks make the most of her petite yet voluptuous body and her dazzling complexion.

If you want to know how to look like Kim, here are a few tips that Glo gleaned from Kim K's beauty entourage:

1. Kim is queen of that heavy, smoky-eyed look. One of her secrets is to emphasize the lashes. She has been known to sport falsies and, of course, lots of liner.

2. The trendsetting newlywed's complexion contains warm undertones, so she frequently wears a complementary bold orange-y red lipstick. In order to make her eyes pop, stylists use earth tones and a little brown liner.

3. Why ruin a good thing? Kim often plays up her perfect complexion by keeping things neutral. One of her favorite tricks is to use a lip liner that matches her natural lip color, which gives a little pop while still keeping things muted.

4. When it's a youthful and refreshing look that's needed, the young heiress sticks to the classics: baby pink lips and long lashes. To help her skin stay glowing, stylists mix matte bronzers to achieve the ideal tone.


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