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Beauty products can help you beat the effects of stress

by timetospa September 2, 2011
Beauty products can help you beat the effects of stress

Unfortunately, stress is a part of life, but solutions ranging from yoga to beauty products can help you manage it. Although you may not be able to maker stressors go away, you can change how you respond to them.

Instead of getting angry, try to channel your energy into a more positive form of asserting your needs. For example, if you feel overlooked at work, don't sit at your desk fuming, ask to meet with your supervisor and calmly (but firmly) express how you would like the situation to change.

To help cope with those moments when you feel overwhelmed, learn relaxation techniques, like meditation, and don't rely on substances such as alcohol to ease your distress. Staying at a high stress level comes with several deleterious side effects, ranging from high blood pressure and an increased risk for stroke.

In addition to these serious medical concerns, stress can wear out your skin. To help keep your look young and fresh, use products like La Thérapie's Pearls of Youth, which is a serum the rehydrates and nourishes cells to keep them supple and luminous. 


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