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Rejuvenate with a body detox

by timetospa September 6, 2011
Rejuvenate with a body detox

Recently, many dieters have tapped into the concept of a body detox - giving your body time to rid itself of toxins by limiting food intake. Fasting can offer many health benefits, including flushing out all of the grimy remains leftover from unhealthy meals.

By spending one or two days drinking only juice and water, human bodies have the chance to flush everything they don't need for nutrition purposes out. Many religious traditions also tout the spiritual benefits of this practice, and some groups decide to fast as a form of social protest.

People who feel their energy levels are constantly low may want to dedicate a weekend to a detox. However, individuals who don't have time in their schedules to slow down their hectic pace and limit their food intake may want to find other ways to cleanse their bodies.

The Elemis Deep Drainage for Body Cleansing is a mixture of marine and land plants that consumers can drink as a type of tonic. This provides a gentler method of stimulating body detox, leaving users refreshed and rejuvenated.  


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