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Health clues given by your nails

by timetospa September 7, 2011
Health clues given by your nails

Applying a coat of professional nail polish is a surefire way to make your hands pop, and you can increase the appeal by ensuring that your nails are not only polished, but healthy. MSN Health & Fitness highlighted some of the key signs that your manicure needs attention.

If you notice yellow spots or indentations, you may have psoriasis, which can affect the skin and the nails. As soon as you begin treating the condition, your nails should begin to grow back in good form. Yellow spots could also indicate a fungus or simply be the byproduct of wearing a dark polish for too long.

To prevent color from staining your nails, always be sure to apply a base coat from a professional nail polish line, like CND Stickey Base Coat. To help the shine last longer, finish off the look with a clear polish, like the CND Super Shiney Top Coat.

If the top layers of your nails are beginning to peel, add more vegetable oils to your diet so you can increase your levels of linoleic acid.  


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