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Learn how to tame that persistent cowlick

by timetospa September 12, 2011
Learn how to tame that persistent cowlick

If you have a stubborn lock of hair that never wants to behave, you may have gotten used to repeatedly brushing it down in the right direction throughout the day. However, with a handy tip provided by Glamour magazine, you may be able to secure that cowlick into place for good!

After washing your hair, alternate the angle you use to blow dry your hair. Start by brushing your mane in the opposite direction that the cowlick tends to fall and give it a brief blow dry. After a few seconds, sweep your locks the other way and blow dry. Continue switching until your hair is no longer damp.

This method stops your hair from preferring to fall to either the left or the right, giving you more control over its movement. Keep in mind that using heat on your hair can cause damage if you don't protect it by using high-quality hair products.

Keep your strands moist by using the Steiner Thirst Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo, which is stocked with the potent antioxidant qualities of green tea and will give body to previously lifeless locks.  


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