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Skin firming exercise moves to reduce cellulite

by timetospa September 23, 2011
Skin firming exercise moves to reduce cellulite

Most women have a bit of cellulite and a few stretch marks thanks to natural fat deposits that support the female shape. However, by incorporating a few key moves into your fitness routine, you can minimize the likelihood that you'll acquire those annoying dimples.

Consider trying out a few of these steps inspired by Fitness Magazine:

Deadlift. Hold a one pound dumbbell in each hand, standing with your knees slightly bent. Lower and raise yourself a dozen times. Keep your palms facing you.

Reverse lunge. Starting in the upright position, extend one leg behind you and the other in front. Bend both legs so they nearly form a 90 degree angle without letting the back knee touch the ground. Hold a lightweight dumbbell in each hand to maximize the results.

Standing calf raise. All you need to accomplish this is a set of stairs. Stand on one step with the back half of your feet hanging over the edge. Raise yourself onto you tip toes, hold for a few seconds and then lower.

High-quality beauty products can also help you minimize the appearance of cellulite. Try out Bliss Fat Girl Slim, which is the go-to solution for several models and celebrities.  


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