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How to blend a fresh burst of energy in the morning

by timetospa September 26, 2011
How to blend a fresh burst of energy in the morning

Trying to find healthy options for a sugary sweet workday pick-me-up? Consider whipping up a smoothie stocked with fresh fruits that will provide you with both the nutrients and the flavor you're looking for.

Consider the following papaya and pineapple smoothie recipe, developed by SmoothieWeb.com.

½ cup of ice
½ cup of orange juice
¼ cup of chopped papaya
¼ cup of chopped pineapple
Desired amount of honey.

All you have to do is dump the contents in a blender and run the appliance for approximately 30 seconds. Once it's done, you'll have one healthy, scrumptious treat on your hands. This is easy to make - all you need to do is remember to add the ingredients to your grocery list.

In addition to papaya and pineapple's ability to improve the internal conditions of your body, a Papaya Enzyme Peel from the Elemis skincare line can do wonders for your skin. Just smooth on a layer of this papaya, pineapple, milk protein and marine algae mixture to repair and replenish the skin.  


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