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Evaluating stretch mark skin care products

by timetospa September 27, 2011
Evaluating stretch mark skin care products

Almost every woman develops stretch marks at some point in her life, but that doesn't mean she can't reduce their appearance.

WebMD notes that the most effective method of minimizing stretch marks is to keep the skin well moisturized, which will make it more flexible and decrease the likelihood of tears. Women should be especially vigilant about applying lotions when they are experiencing dramatic weight loss or gain, as this is when new stretch marks often form.

Certain key ingredients are effective at moderating the appearance of these bothersome blemishes. Glycolic acid is among the best solutions. This relative of sugar cane can rev up collagen production, enabling the skin to repair itself.

La Thérapie Ageless Collection features three separate beauty products that each boast the benefits of glycolic acid: Glycolic Visage Renew, Glycolic Vital Renew and Glycolic Touche Renew.

Glycolic Touche Renew is packed with the active ingredient, increasing its anti-aging capabilities. Ladies should apply the cream at night before bed to achieve the best results.  


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