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Body slimming treats to help you stay trim

by timetospa September 28, 2011
Body slimming treats to help you stay trim

Keeping the well-known phrase, "you are what you eat," in mind can help ladies stay healthy, fit and vibrant throughout their lives. In order to choose foods that will keep their bodies in prime condition, women must know what the pros and cons of the meals they eat are. Here are some nutritious snacks suggested by Web MD that can help you shed unwanted pounds:

1. Greek yogurt has lots of protein which takes longer to digest than fat, helping you stay fuller for longer.

2. Adding cinnamon to tea, hot chocolate or applesauce can help regulate your blood sugar levels.

3. Green tea can support weight loss by boosting your metabolism. If you drink it hot, you'll have to take sips at longer intervals, which can further regulate your calorie intake.

4. Raw vegetables are stocked with nutrients and water, which keeps them low in calories but high in vitamin content. Pair them with low-fat, low-calorie dressing for added flavor.

In addition to eating healthy foods, ladies can facilitate body detox with the assistance of supplements - like the Elemis Invigorating Cal-Metab Plus Body Enhancement Capsules, which refreshes the blood, offers minerals and vitamins and helps the body burn fat. 


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