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How to win the fight against dry hair

by timetospa September 29, 2011
How to win the fight against dry hair

Many women associate gray hairs with the aging process, but they may not realize that their locks can also get drier and duller over the years. According to Web MD, the scalp begins producing less sebum (oil) over time, leaving hair under-moisturized. To beat dry hair, review the following tips.

Integrate dry shampoo into your list of hair products. Occasionally treating your hair with dry shampoo will minimize its contact with water and suds, which strip away a considerable amount of oil.

Use a moisturizing shampoo. On the days when you do give your hair a full wash, be sure to use a product that will maintain as much hydration as possible, like the Steiner Thirst Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo.

Apply leave-in conditioner. To give your locks a healthy bounce and shine, always apply leave-in conditioner. Comb it through gently while your hair is still wet to ensure even distribution.

Just by maintaining these simple steps your hair will always be full of life, leaving those dry, dull days behind. 


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