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How to maintain a radiant glow all day long

by timetospa September 30, 2011
How to maintain a radiant glow all day long

With the right beauty products and a healthy lifestyle, any woman can achieve a youthful complexion every day of the year! Glamour magazine provided a few easy tips for ladies to follow.

Look well-rested. Even if you can't get a full night's sleep, maximize the few hours of shut-eye you do fit in by applying a night cream before bedtime. The Elemis Maximum Replenish Night Cream can leave your skin replenished when you wake up. At night, your body can absorb moisturizers more easily because its temperature rises slightly.

Look rosy. To get a blushed look that mimics that natural change in tone that comes when you're happy or in love, use a peel or scrub that has a gentle acid as its active ingredient.

Look hydrated. Keep your skin moisturized in every season, especially the cooler ones. Wash your face with a cleanser that will hydrate pores as it wipes away dirt and grime.

By implementing these simple steps you'll have the fresh faced look you've always wanted. 


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