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Top fall nail trends

by timetospa October 3, 2011
Top fall nail trends

In the summer months spent wearing flip flops and sandals, many women pay careful attention to their pedicures to make sure their feet look extra cute, but in the fall it's all about a sophisticated manicure. Consider incorporating some of the most popular looks this season as recommended by Glamour magazine.

Go long. Let your nails grow long instead of cutting them. Make sure to keep them filed and neat. To determine the shape, just mimic the curve of your cuticles.

Be bold. Take a step out of the box by adding racing stripes to your nail color. Always use a professional nail polish for the best results.

Get intricate. You'll likely need an expert to help you achieve an elaborate design. This look lit up the runways when a team from CND gave manicures to the models for Joy Cioci's spring show.

Rock chartreuse. This mellow nail color was also made popular by CND, when the leading brand gave models for Karen Walker's show the look.

This fall, be inventive and liven up your aesthetic with an avant garde manicure.


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