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Unlocking softer skin

by timetospa October 4, 2011
Unlocking softer skin

As the air gets cooler across the country, women set out to find ways to prevent their skin from drying out. By implementing a moisturizing beauty regimen inspired by tips provided by Marie Claire magazine, you can maintain soft skin in any season.

Even though a hot shower can feel refreshing, stepping out of that warmth into cool air can remove moisture from your skin. To keep your skin as smooth as possible, pat dry and apply a thick lotion or cream immediately after bathing.

By applying a face mask once a week, in addition to a daily moisturizer that complements your skin type, your face can stay healthy and radiant. Consider using the Elemis Skincare FreshSkin Face Mask Duo, a skin care product kit that contains a Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask and a Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask.

If you have sensitive skin that is easily inflamed, look for beauty products that have rose and lavender - two natural extracts which can reduce your symptoms.

With these tips on hand you can have soft, glowing skin throughout fall and winter.  


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