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Insight into beauty routines across the globe

by timetospa October 5, 2011
Insight into beauty routines across the globe

Many cultures have discovered tried and true methods for battling a variety of skincare concerns from acne to dry skin. Pooling all this knowledge together can prepare women to face almost any issue. Review some of these popular international remedies as reported by the Hufington Post.

Ladies interested in slowing down Father Time can access the anti-aging properties of argan oil, which is popular in Morocco and has made its way to Western markets. The Elemis Skincare Melting Cleansing Gel contains a potent array of active ingredients, including argan oil, rice silk, asai fruit and rosemary leaf.

In India, some women use a paste made of turmeric and chickpea flour, which boasts bacteria killing capabilities and can serve as an exfoliant. Ointment made from pawpaw (papaya) is a staple in Australia, where many people use it to treat a wide spectrum of ailments, from sunburn to dry lips.

The secret to the soft hair and skin of women in Tahiti is Monoi oil, which also serves as a great perfume. As retailers tap into these powerful ingredients, women across the world can access their benefits! 


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