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Essential beauty products to get clear skin every day

by timetospa October 6, 2011
Essential beauty products to get clear skin every day

Although most people associate acne with adolescence, women can face these blemishes well into their adult years. However, with the right regimen of beauty products, any lady can achieve smooth skin. Consider the following solutions, as recommended by Elle magazine.

Fully removing dirt and bacteria from pores will minimize the chances of inflammation and irritation. While washing your face is a necessary step, it is generally not enough by itself. Follow a cleansing with an astringent, like the La Thérapie Gentle Toning Lotion for Combination Skin.

In order to avoid the marks that can be left behind after a pimple goes away, you can use retinoids which resurface the skin to get rid of discoloration, enabling fresh layers of skin to replace it.

Another step doesn't require anything but a bit of relaxation and down time. Stress can increase cortisol levels, which in turn increases the likelihood that the skin will breakout.

With a daily routine that integrates these steps, you can get clear, bright skin in no time.  


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