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Easy, healthy homemade lunches

by timetospa October 10, 2011
Easy, healthy homemade lunches

When balancing a hectic schedule, many professionals resort to dining out for lunch instead of bringing food prepared at home. However, making a homemade meal not only saves money, it allows individuals to eat healthier. WebMD recommends some easy tips to make brown bag lunches simpler.

If you're looking to shed some excess pounds, you can start by packing low-calorie, low-sodium lunches and snacks. Fish, for example, are stocked with tons of beneficial nutrients and can easily be added to salad, rice and pasta dishes.

Leftovers are also great time-savers. Cook a couple extra portions of whatever is for dinner so you can pack it up in tupperware and take it with you to the office in the morning. To add a bit of variety, wrap up the leftovers in a tortilla and turn it into a burrito-style meal.

All of these well-balanced meals can help you reach your ideal weight. As you slim down, make sure your skin stays firm by using the Elemis Skincare Spa At-Home Pro-Collagen Body Cream. This formula can result in younger-looking, luminous skin to match your new physique.  


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