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Understanding the role of perspiration

by timetospa October 10, 2011
Understanding the role of perspiration

Most people notice that men tend to sweat more than women, but they may not realize that people who are athletic also perspire more than their sedentary counterparts. Woman's Day recently explored the function of sweat and how it can vary from person to person.

Individuals who follow a regular fitness program have gotten used to managing increases in body temperature and consequently sweat more than those who rarely get moving. In general, men sweat more than women because they tend to be larger in size (leaving them with more surface area to cover) and have hormonal differences.

In order to stay fresh regardless of your perspiration levels, be sure to apply deodorant at night, when your skin is driest. Also, stay calm - stress can increase sweat production. The right skin care products can keep you fresh every day, and it all starts with bathing.

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