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Secret to optimal body skincare - dry brushing your skin

by timetospa October 17, 2011
Secret to optimal body skincare - dry brushing your skin

When considering ways to exfoliate their skin, most ladies think of body scrubs, loofahs and resurfacing skin care products. However, to really get a glowing complexion, women can use a body brush.

Brushing the skin helps remove dead layers and even has the potential to minimize the appearance of cellulite. Many body brushes aren't intended to be used in the shower or bath, but should be rubbed across the skin when it's dry. This includes the Elemis Skincare Body Brush, which is made from cactus bristles.

The Elemis Body Brush is designed for daily use, and to achieve optimal results, ladies should use the brush before showering. It is ideal to start brushing the feet and then work upwards, always moving the brush toward the heart to help boost circulation.

Sections of the body where lymph nodes are present (including the underarm area, space behind knees and inner thighs) should be given special attention as applying firm pressure with the brush can stimulate the removal of toxins.  


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