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Keep makeup in place and hydrate skin all in one go!

by timetospa October 19, 2011
Keep makeup in place and hydrate skin all in one go!

Many women prefer to use mineral makeup because it works great on sensitive skin and provides a sophisticated polished look. However, the fine powders can sometimes shift and fall over the course of the day, a problem that can easily be fixed with a hydrating spray.

If you haven't heard of a hydrating spray before, then you're about to get the inside scoop on one of the hottest beauty products on the market! This go-to product sprays a mist that serves a multi-functional purpose - it can boost your cosmetic applications by helping them last longer or soothe discomfort caused by flaky, irritated or dehydrated skin.

Start off with one of the best solutions available, the Colorescience Gem Spritzers - Be Still. This formula features a mineral mist that works well with mineral makeup and should be sprayed as the final step of your beauty routine. If you are applying heavy layers of makeup to cover up a tattoo or varicose veins, Be Still can make sure these target areas stay hidden until you're ready to remove the makeup at night.


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