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Getting the most out of your exfoliation routine

by timetospa October 20, 2011
Getting the most out of your exfoliation routine

Achieving the right balance of beauty products is an essential element of an effective skincare routine. There is no one fix-all skin care product that ladies can rely on - they must have a collection of formulas that each have a specific task. The core group of any woman's regimen should include a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and exfoliator.

Generally, women should only use an exfoliator once a week to avoid removing too much oil and healthy skin cells. However, there are some solutions that allow ladies to get the benefits of exfoliating on a daily basis, including the Elemis Skincare Gentle Rose Exfoliator.

This formula features smooth Jojoba beads that remove dead skin cells and dirt so gently that it can be used every day. The mildness of the Gentle Rose Exfoliator also makes it the ideal choice for ladies with sensitive skin. There is a slight hint of rose fragrance that will leave your skin looking and smelling fresh.

Although exfoliating can be an easy step to overlook, the process of removing dead skin does wonders for the skin and can leave it looking younger for longer.  


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