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Planning a girls night in

by timetospa October 21, 2011
Planning a girls night in

Spending time with friends is an essential part of self-care. It is human nature to want to connect with a community, and having a group of gal pals can provide a foundation of support. It can be hard to find a time when your entire posse can get together, so when your schedules align, make sure to plan a fun evening!

Consider staying in, instead of going out, so you can talk and catch up in an intimate setting. Rent a couple of your favorite movies and buy the ingredients you need to bake a batch of cookies together.

Getting all the girls together is a special occasion, so take this an as opportunity to bring out your favorite set of candles to fill the air with a sweet fragrance. Look for a candle that has an attractive design like the Mandara Spa Frangipani Rectangle Candle With 2 Wicks.

This hand-crafted and hand-painted candle is a truly unique piece that can function as part of your decor thanks to the beautifully etched frangipani flowers on its base. Your girlfriends will be sure to love it! 


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