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The health benefits of calendula

by timetospa October 25, 2011
The health benefits of calendula

The calendula plant, which is also known as pot marigold (not to be confused with the annual marigolds frequently grown in gardens), boasts high levels of plant-based antioxidants, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. These compounds can provide a layer of defense against free-radicals, which can cause damage to all kinds of cells, including skin cells.

Certain beauty products feature calendula among their active ingredients, including La Thérapie Gentle Cleansing Gel for combination skin. This high-quality skin care product is effective at washing away dirt and grime collected during the day, as well as makeup.

After washing your face using the Gentle Cleansing Gel, your skin will be left balanced, cleansed and smooth. The formula is also designed to fight acne breakouts and can be used morning and evening.

Calendula can also be used on the skin to treat burns, cuts and bruises. It is generally believed that it can increase blood flow to the wounded area, stimulating the healing process. If you have plant allergies, you should consult with a doctor before applying calendula topically.  


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