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Health signals given off by your feet

by timetospa October 25, 2011
Health signals given off by your feet

The feet are an often overlooked part of the body that can clue you in to your overall state of well-being. The following common foot issues were recently decoded by WebMD.

Cold feet. Beyond the cold feet engaged couples may experience before tying the knot, feet that tend to always feel chilly could indicate poor circulation, hypothyroidism or anemia.

Sore feet. If your dogs are tired at the end of a long day, the most likely culprit is an uncomfortable pair of shoes. However, it could also be the sign of a stress fracture caused by intense physical activity or osteoporosis.

Dragging feet. One of the signs of untreated diabetes is a slight dragging of your feet that you didn't do before due to nerve damage. This change in gait can also be caused by a vitamin deficiency or infection.

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