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Top 3 reasons to keep exercising throughout the winter

by timetospa October 26, 2011
Top 3 reasons to keep exercising throughout the winter

Many women find it easier to maintain a daily fitness routine when the weather outside is warm enough to take a pleasant jog around the block. However, there are many reasons to stay active well into the winter.

Rock a healthy glow. The cooler months can dry out your skin and spending less time in the sun can leave us all a little bit paler. Exercising boosts your blood flow, which can add a rosiness to your cheeks. Play up your natural good looks by keeping your skin hydrated with the Elemis Skincare Visible Brilliance. This serum will give you a fresh, youthful look.

Boost your immune system. Staying fit and trim helps your body fight off disease more effectively. This is especially important during cold and flu season.

Maintain a healthy weight. The holiday season coincides with the arrival of cold weather, making winter the worst time to stop working out. Feel free to enjoy grandma's famous pumpkin pie, just maintain a fitness regimen so you don't pack on extra pounds.  


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