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Essential beauty preparations for a first date

by timetospa October 27, 2011
Essential beauty preparations for a first date

So you've finally made plans with the guy who's been on your mind and now you're panicking about how you look. Instead of stressing out about every little blemish that you see, remember that he asked to take you out because he's already interested - so you don't need to make any major changes, just play up your best features!

After you've set aside your go-to date-night outfit, it's time to perfect your makeup. By applying a bit of highlighter in the inner corners, your eyes will appear larger and more feminine. Extend your lashes with a bit of mascara, and go for a bold eyeshadow.

This fall is all about daring color choices, just be sure to stick to hues that complement your skin tone. If you have paler skin, consider using a soft green or blue, and if you have a more tan complexion, choose a warm orange or a pop of pink.

As you finish your preparations, don't forget about your lips! Keep them kissably soft by applying a base of the Elemis FreshSkin Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm. No matter how cold and dry it is outside, this high-quality skin care product will keep your skin smooth.  


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