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Rock a sun-kissed look all year!

by timetospa October 27, 2011
Rock a sun-kissed look all year!

In most parts of the country, the chilly air and harsh weather of fall and winter sends everyone indoors without a chance to bask in the warm rays of the sun. After a few weeks, that tan you perfected over the summer will start to fade.

Even if you can't afford a ticket to the Caribbean, you can look like you just came back from a tropical vacation anytime of the year. All you need are the right beauty products. For starters, the most important part of a skincare routine is moisturizing. Keep your skin hydrated so any makeup products you use will look their best.

To give your face a bit of color, use the California Sun Glow and Brush. This delightful powder comes with a sable hair makeup brush that you can use to dust the contents evenly across your face. The formula is designed to blend in with your natural skin color to achieve an effortless look.

This product isn't for your cheekbones alone - you can also dust some onto your lips after you apply a lipstick or gloss to add a bit of sparkle.  


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