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Been stuck with incurably dry skin? Try a new solution!

by timetospa October 27, 2011
Been stuck with incurably dry skin? Try a new solution!

Thanks to mom and dad, you may always have skin that's on the drier side. Now that cold weather has arrived, your skin is as rough as ever. Even though you dutifully apply lotion every day, somehow your skin is never as smooth as you want it to be. Perhaps the issue is that you're not using the best skin care beauty products for the job.

If your hands are especially dry, you may feel self-conscious when you shake hands with a new acquaintance or you may shy away when the new guy in your life reaches out to take your hand in his. Instead of trying to cover up the problem, tackle it head on with the CND Almond SpaManicure Snuggle Set.

CND lotions are miracle workers when it comes to beating dry skin. Indulge yourself in a luxurious manicure by applying the Almond Hydration Lotion before painting your nails. Carefully massage it into your skin.

To soften the cuticle area, rub a bit of SolarOil (included in the set) onto your hands, focusing on the skin closest to your nails.  


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