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Protect your color treatment with quality hair products

by timetospa October 31, 2011
Protect your color treatment with quality hair products

Many women like to change up their hairstyle after experiencing a life changing event. Perhaps you just moved to a new city, finished up a graduate degree program or broke up with a longtime boyfriend. Whether you're facing the ups or downs of life, you should always take a moment to do something special for yourself.

If you decide to finally go for that hair color you've wanted to try, be sure to maintain its hue by instituting a beauty regimen. Look for hair products that are designed to be used on color treated hair, such as the Phytocitrus Restructuring Shampoo.

The Restructuring Shampoo should be used two weeks after your first color treatment and then used every other wash. The formula is designed to remove leftover residue from the color that can leave you with lackluster locks. It is also ideal for protecting the hue and giving it a healthy shine.

Enjoy your new hair color and continue to be adventurous. Invest time in building yourself up as you get ready for that new job or new love in your life.  


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