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Give your friends the gift of amber

by timetospa October 31, 2011
Give your friends the gift of amber

Many women are attracted to the soft golden brown hue of amber gemstones and purchase many jewelry pieces featuring them. Amber also possesses a delightful scent in oil form, making it a common addition to beauty products.

Consider giving your female friends and family the Mandara Spa Amber Heaven Duo, which includes a conditioning shower cream and softening body cream to leave your pals squeaky clean, soft to the touch and smelling beautiful. This rockin' duo is sure to be loved by your inner circle, and be sure to get a set for yourself - you don't want to miss out on the fun!

Skincare products make great holiday gifts because they are essential items that everyone needs to buy, but many are hesitant to splurge on the best quality options. This means a top-of-the-line brand is always a welcome gift, and who knows, they might return the favor next year.

You may want to throw in a lip balm and manicure set for good measure, or get each friend a different scent from the Mandara Spa collection to make every gift unique.  


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