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Beauty products to give the man in your life

by timetospa January 14, 2012
Beauty products to give the man in your life

It's no secret that many women love to cozy up to a guy with a silky smooth face, but shaving can strip his skin of softening oils, leaving it rough to the touch.

Although guys want fresh, moisturized skin, they may not know how to achieve it. However, the landscape of men's products has several solutions to achieve the perfect shave, and one set of items is a staple in many women's beauty regimens - exfoliators.

Instead of offering your significant other an exfoliator from your cabinet filled with fragrances more feminine in scent, direct him to a skin care product created specifically for men, like the Elemis Energising Skin Scrub.

This compound is stocked with Marine Phytoplankton in a vitamin E base that should be used prior to shaving to leave the skin primed and ready. The resurfacing and polishing capabilities of the Energising Skin Scrub actually begin to lift some facial hair, making it easier for a razor to finish the job.  


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