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Five-minute workout

by timetospa January 14, 2012
Five-minute workout

Almost everyone has gone through a phase where it just seems impossible to schedule time to work out. Even though the benefits of exercise are regularly touted by various health institutions, and you'd love to squeeze into a smaller dress size, juggling work and family responsibilities along with a workout routine can be overwhelming!

Instead of overextending yourself when you make a push to become more active, try to stick to a regimen that is manageable in the long-term so you don't burn out. In fact, it might be easiest to start with a five-minute work out routine.

Exercising in the morning is a great way to begin the day, and you can do these moves in the comfort of your room. When you're still in bed, spend 2 minutes performing yoga moves to loosen up your muscles. Lay with your back on the bed and your legs extended against the wall for 1 minute, and follow this by sitting cross-legged and slowly rotating left and right for a minute.

To tone your body, spend the last 3 minutes doing lunges on the floor. This will get your blood flowing, which is great for your health and complexion. Remember to wash your face after you're done and you'll be ready to start the day!


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