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Don't let your cell phone attachment affect your skin health

by timetospa January 15, 2012
Don't let your cell phone attachment affect your skin health

Many professionals always have their cell phone by their sides, even keeping it on their nightstands during the night. However, many women may not consider what holding a phone to their ear is doing to their body skincare.

If you need to participate in several phone conferences for your job and can't do without a regular evening dish session with your girlfriends, you may want to invest in a headset so you can give your skin a break. According to Allure magazine, the heat and friction from your phone can lead to breakouts and blemishes, and the layer of bacteria that may be on your handheld device could be rubbing into your pores.

In addition to freeing up your cheeks from your phone, you should take care to thoroughly cleanse your skin cells every day to keep your complexion bright and clear. The Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash incorporates a soothing formula with gentle exfoliating beads to refresh and resurface dull, worn out cells to reveal the natural glow underneath.  


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