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The go-to makeup package of the year

by timetospa January 19, 2012
The go-to makeup package of the year

Women often have to stock up of different makeup products to meet their concealer, eye shadow, foundation, corrector, highlighter and bronzer needs, but now there's a solution that incorporates all of these elements into one package.

The Colorscience Classic Corrector Palette offers five different shades that function as both enhancers and cover-ups well-suited for women of a wide range of complexions. Each hue is named after an urban center: New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Nairobi and Calcutta.

The darkest of the bunch, New York, is a deep red that is perfect for a bold lip, charming blush or enchanting eyeshadow and is effective for masking dark circles. Nairobi, a warm reddish-orange hue, and Hong Kong, a stunning bronze, pair well with darker skin tones as a brightener or blush.

Calcutta is ideal for olive skin tones and can even out and red patches thanks to the product's green base color. Tokyo can also address unwanted red coloration with its golden hue and can mask blemishes and dark pigmentation. Make sure you have a set in your purse for a great look every day.  


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