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The secret to soft, kissable lips

by timetospa January 20, 2012
The secret to soft, kissable lips

Many women have integrated exfoliators into their face and body skincare routines in order to remove layers of dead skin and unveil the glow hiding underneath. However, ladies may forget that their pout needs some TLC as well.

In order to exfloiate the lips, women can apply brown sugar and slowly use a tooth brush to scrub the surface, recommended Darais, a Lancôme makeup artist, in an interview with Elle magazine. This will expose the supple flesh stuck behind dryer cells.

After this preliminary prep, ladies should moisturize the newly exposed skin using a balm like the Elemis Lip Revive New Formula. This compound is specially designed to treat even the most sensitive skin and repair any damage that may have been caused by exposure to the sun or harsh, cold conditions.

To avoid a greasy look, the Lip Revive is petroleum-free and features bees wax, olive oil wax and cocoa butter as its active ingredients. With the lip balm applied, women will be ready to swipe on a trendy bold lip stain or lip stick in a bright hue.  


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