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Easy solutions to achieve a five-star smile

by timetospa January 21, 2012
Easy solutions to achieve a five-star smile

Wish your grin was a bit more pearly white? Don't like the way your lips look as you age? Don't worry, all of these issues come with easy fixes! Just incorporate the following suggestions below, inspired by WebMD, and you'll be picture-ready in no time.

1. Follow wine with water. A quick rinse after drinking red (and even white) wine will prevent the tasty beverage from staining your teeth.

2. Floss - at least once a day. You should make sure you're cleaning out the space in between your teeth to fully remove plaque and prevent decay.

3. Use sunscreen. Not only does your body and face need SPF protection, your lips do too. Many lip balms can keep your pout safe from UV rays.

4. Apply anti-aging skin cream. Wrinkling around the mouth and on your lips will affect the way makeup products look. For example, lipstick may start to bleed into the crevices. Minimize the appearance of fine lines with Elemis Pro Intense Eye and Lip Contour Cream, which will leave the skin noticeably fuller and more youthful. 


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