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Can your diet help get rid of cellulite?

by timetospa May 29, 2012
Can your diet help get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite - the lumpy, bumpy fat cells that tend to gather around the thighs and buttocks - is one of the most common complaints that women have about their bodies. It can affect women of any age, from puberty up past menopause, and is especially bothersome around bikini season. So how can you get rid of it?

If cellulite has got you down, it might be time to change your exercise and diet routine. Getting regular workouts and eating right is the easiest way to help reduce the appearance of lumps and bumps and get your body in better bikini shape in time to hit the beach.

According to Glamour UK, the foods you eat can help your body slim down and get rid of cellulite and other unsightly blemishes - and it's not just about counting calories and eating veggies. The magazine recommends green tea, whole grains and lots of H2O as part of a plan to get your body in better shape fast.

Combine a healthier diet with a brisk walk a few times a week, and you should be seeing less cellulite in no time.


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