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How to care for your skin after a day at the pool

by timetospa May 29, 2012
How to care for your skin after a day at the pool

There's nothing like an afternoon at the pool to take the edge off a hot, humid summer day. While spending a day in the water can help cool you down, it can also leave your skin feeling dry, itchy and tight. Luckily, the right beauty products can help you protect your skin before and after a swim.

Before you hit the pool, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen. Sunblock protects your skin from harmful UV rays, which can cause premature aging, wrinkles and even cancer. Be sure to choose a waterproof sunscreen with at least SPF 25 to prevent sunburns and peeling, which can herald longer-lasting skin damage.

When you get home from the pool, apply a generous amount of anti aging moisturizer to help replenish and hydrate skin. Make sure to get your arms, legs and torso, and don't forget to use a product specifically designed for your face to prevent eye wrinkles and take care of your body's most delicate areas, such as the Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal.

An afternoon poolside is a fun and relaxing way to pass a summer day - but don't forget to care for your skin.


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