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Summer's must-have accessory: Sunscreen

by timetospa May 31, 2012
Summer's must-have accessory: Sunscreen

Everybody wants to get a golden tan for summertime, but laying out in the sun without protection is just asking for trouble. Too much sun exposure may give you the bronze tone you're after, but it could also give you eye wrinkles, age spots and even deadly skin diseases. If you're going tanning this season, remember to bring along summer's most important accessory - sunblock.

Apply sunblock each morning, even if the only thing on the day's agenda is a walk around the block. Wearing sunscreen is a good habit, and applying it daily - even when you're just running errands - will help ward off wrinkles and remind you to always take care of your complexion.

If you have trouble remembering to apply your sunscreen, condense your morning routine by switching to a foundation with SPF 25 or higher, like Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF 30 Orb Sunscreen. Available in four complexion-matching shades, you can select the powder that best suits your skin tone and get even coverage and sun protection all at the same time.

Wearing sunscreen doesn't mean your skin will stay pasty-white - it just means that harmful UV rays won't be able to damage your cells and cause premature aging and other problems. If you're not tanning as fast as you'd like, augment your skin tone with a self-tanner lotion like Bliss A Tan For All Seasons.


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