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Get energizing tips for your complexion

by timetospa June 11, 2012
Get energizing tips for your complexion

Do you have skin that feels parched and brittle and you didn't even spend the day working on your tan? The sun can be unremitting during the warmer months, but it's not always the source of blame for bad complexions. While every flesh type is different, when you use the right beauty products you can take the hassle out of maintaining your summer glow.

For a moisturizing product that will stimulate circulation in your face, restoring color and vigor, try something like Bliss Triple Oxygen and C Energizing Cream. The formula pairs oxygen with potent amounts of vitamin C to give your face the strength it needs to bounce back from exposure to dirt and other pollutants.

Model Lara Mullen recently told Elle Magazine that she's a frequent user of the cream, stating, "I use it every day, whenever my skin feels dry - sometimes I’ll even take out the jar on the subway."

In addition to moisturizing, the best way to stay luminous through the heat is to exfoliate regularly.  Cosmopolitan Magazine recommends exfoliating your face daily to get rid of oil and blackheads. For full-body exfoliation, stick with a regimen once per week to avoid irritating skin. 


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